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11:00 am → 40 min Join here
Prepare to step into the metaverse with Mesh for Teams
Luke Evans, Zoe Wilson
11:00 am → 40 min Join here
Enter the Metaverse with Mesh for Teams!
Patrick Guimonet

11:00 am → 40 min Join here
How to introduce Mixed Reality contents in Teams
Marco Rocca, Fabio Franzini
12:00 pm → 40 min Join here
Big Industry: Metaverse and the Future of Work
Vesa Nopanen
12:00 pm → 40 min Join here
Mixed Reality for Cultural Heritage
Zaid Zaim

12:00 pm → 40 min Join here
Let’s go to the next level of collaboration with Mesh for Teams!
Nicole Enders
1:00 pm → 40 min Join here
How to change the game with IoT and Metaverse?
Estelle Auberix
1:00 pm → 40 min Join here
Metaverse: Ethics 101
Chris Hoard

1:00 pm → 40 min Join here
Building immersive and mixed reality experiences in SharePoint
Chirag Patel
2:00 pm → 40 min Join here
Next stop Genesis Plaza
Christian Glessner

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2:00 pm → 40 min Join here
Implementing the metaverse with WebXR (ThreeJS – BabylojJS) and MRTK
Ivana Tilca
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East Coast : 8am EDT
Central US : 7am CDT
2:00 pm → 40 min Join here
Be compliant in the Metaverse
Raphael Koellner

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East Coast : 8am EDT
Central US : 7am CDT
3:00 pm → 40 min Join here
Let’s master the Jump into Mixed Reality!
Zaid Zaim, Christian Glessner

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East Coast : 9am EDT
Central US : 8am CDT

3:00 pm → 40 min Join here
Metaverse: a broad new path for developers
Mar Llambí

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3:00 pm → 40 min Join here
Metaverse & The Employee Experience: How To Navigate Forward Faster
Richard Harbridge

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East Coast : 9am EDT
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4:00 pm → 40 min Join here
Ending keynote
Six Steps to Prepare for the Metaverse
Karuana Gatimu

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East Coast : 10am EDT
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5:00 pm → 40 min Join here
Ending keynote
Collaborating in the Metaverse with Mesh for Teams
Pouneh Kaufman

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East Coast : 11am EDT
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Please join the afterparty right after last ending keynote ends! AltSpaceVR Code: CMH156
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🕜 11:00 am @ Track 1
The metaverse is all the talk at present with both Facebook and Microsoft going all into to expand and build into it. But the biggest achievement of the metaverse is an industry wide scramble to figure out just what the metaverse is.Microsoft Mesh is described by Microsoft as a way of letting people connect with a holographic presence, share across space, and collaborate from anywhere in the world. Mesh for Microsoft Teams combines the mixed-reality capabilities of Microsoft Mesh, which allows people in different physical locations to join collaborative and shared holographic experiences, with the productivity tools of Microsoft Teams, where people can join virtual meetings, send chats, collaborate on shared documents and more.After attending this session, you will understand at a high-level:What Mesh for Microsoft Teams is, what new opportunities it introduces and what business benefits it can bring?A live demo of what stepping into Mesh for Microsoft Teams will feel likeHow you can better prepare your organization for the metaverse and Mesh for Microsoft TeamsTechnologies in this session will beMicrosoft TeamsAltspaceVR
🙂 Luke Evans, Zoe Wilson

🕜 11:00 am @ Track 2
Mesh for Microsoft Teams is almost there. But what should we expect and what can we do to prepare our organisations and our users?
🙂 Patrick Guimonet

🕜 11:00 am @ Track 3
Today Mixed Reality is already present in many work scenarios.For example, it’s possible empower engineer to collaborate more efficiently by working together from different location.In this session we’ll explain how is possible today introduce Mixed Reality in Teams.We’ll show you three different ways:- Microsoft Mesh- Mixed Reality “Low Code” using Power Apps- Mixed Reality in your intranet using “SharePoint Spaces”All these ways enable you to create easily fantastic applications using what you have already!
🙂 Marco Rocca, Fabio Franzini

🕜 12:00 pm @ Track 1
Microsoft technologies, platforms and services power the Microsoft Cloud. This cloud enables new kind of smart experiences with Microsoft Metaverse enabling Industrial Metaverse solutions from smart locations and cities to manufacturing and process industries. Microsoft Metaverse powers the Future of Work.It is not just about meetings and experiences in the immersive Metaverse; it is also about reimaging business opportunities and processes and visioning the way we work together in the Future.Join this session to learn about possibiltiies for Industrial Metaverse and how Metaverse changes the Future of Work.
🙂 Vesa Nopanen

🕜 12:00 pm @ Track 2
Mixed Reality for Cultural Heritage – Zaid begins with his personal journey of how he got into the Mixed Reality space and highlights his community engagement as a Microsoft MVP.Through merging the past & present with his skills in Mixed Reality and bringing his personal experience in demonstrating the use of Mixed Reality and HoloLens 2 technology to bring history to life on the example of the ancient city of Palmyra in Syria (UNESCO World Heritage Site).He demonstrates the virtual reconstruction of the destroyed monuments of Palmyra in their original form. Through different interaction possibilities and addressing different human senses with HoloLens 2, the user develops historical awareness and motivation to keep these monuments alive, and finally the audience learns about the potential that can be achieved with Mixed Reality and HoloLens 2.
🙂 Zaid Zaim

🕜 12:00 pm @ Track 3
We all learned to use Microsoft Teams for our daily meetings with colleagues, customers and partners. Yes, we can talk to each other, we can stay in contact and many things are working in this remote scenario which seemed to be impossible. But it’s still not the same. Mixed reality can help with the emotional part which is missing in Teams meetings where you watch your screen the whole day. Microsoft Mesh offers a new level of remote meetings and we will cover the different options. We will talk about the following questions:- What is Microsoft Mesh for Teams about?- How can I start my first immersive meeting?- Do I need a headset to attend such a meeting?- What can we do to establish Mesh for Teams in my company?
🙂 Nicole Enders

🕜 1:00 pm @ Track 1
If we are to figure out what IoT + Metaverse means or is, we should examine where the two worlds intersect. This area of intersection would be the digital twin.In this session, we will present some funky applications of digital twin in Azure and how to get started with it.
🙂 Estelle Auberix

🕜 1:00 pm @ Track 2
In his Nicomachean ethics, the Ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle wrote ”Our decisions to do good and bad actions, not our beliefs, form the characters we have”. Like many other philosophers, Aristotle considered the exploration of ethics – moral principles that govern a person’s behaviour or the conduct of an activity – as being fundamental to living. This session introduces ethics in the context of the metaverse. Should someone who commits violence in a virtual world be jailed? Do we have a duty to create identities which bear resemblance to who we are in real life? Is access to the metaverse a fundamental right for all?
🙂 Chris Hoard

🕜 1:00 pm @ Track 3
Building a space for mixed reality vision is a lot like building a modern SharePoint site. This session will cover how you create the space, choose structure & themes, as well as configure various 2D & 3D web parts. We will then wrap up the session with recommendations & best practices so that you can build immersive experiences on any device in SharePoint for your organisation.
🙂 Chirag Patel

🕜 2:00 pm @ Track 1
This session gives you a glimpse into the magic of the open Metaverse platform Decentraland and explains to you the concepts and how you can use it for your business.Join me on a tour through Decentraland!
🙂 Christian Glessner

🕜 2:00 pm @ Track 2
You will learn how to create an augmented reality web application with both ThreejS and BabylonJS. Plus the difference in building something with Microsoft Mixed reality toolkit. A lot of Demos and a lot of cool explanations.
🙂 Ivana Tilca

🕜 2:00 pm @ Track 3
The Metaverse is becoming more and more interesting in the context of companies and educational institutions. In the context of planning its deployment, some challenges get in the way. In this session, we’ll talk about usage scenarios, challenges, risks, privacy impact assessments, and the Works Council. We look forward to a small roundtable discussion at the end of the session.
🙂 Raphael Koellner

🕜 3:00 pm @ Track 1
In this session, you will get a glimpse of the mixed reality spectrum and get tips & tricks on how to get into this space. As a game developer, you may have already mastered the essential skills for making PC, mobile, and console games, and you are probably familiar with working with programmers, designers, and 3D artists. The game changer here is what tools support your journey into AR/VR/MR. Cross-platform tools like Mixed Reality Toolkit (MRTK) make this jump a little easier. Learn how this free, Microsoft-driven, open-source project can kick start your MR exploration with an enhanced volumetric UX / UI system and pre-defined components that accelerate cross-platform development in Unity.
🙂 Zaid Zaim, Christian Glessner

🕜 3:00 pm @ Track 2
With the clear commitment of focusing on the Metaverse world, Microsoft is driving many strategies and new products to be part of the virtual world of Metaverse. As in Power Platform a new broad path was open to new citizen developers and business users, are we experiencing the same with Metaverse? Where are the new possible roles, job opportunities and technical specialisations behind?
🙂 Mar Llambí

🕜 3:00 pm @ Track 3
Many leaders are struggling to answer whether the Metaverse matters to them, their employees, or their organization. What is real, what is actionable now, and what can organizations do to better prepare and plan for the impact the Metaverse will have on them and their organizations?Join Microsoft MVP Richard Harbridge as he shares best practices, considerations, and advice on not only how the Metaverse impacts employee experience today, but how to maximize the impact it provides tomorrow.
🙂 Richard Harbridge

🕜 4:00 pm @ Track 1
We’re all talking about it but what will be the impact of the metaverse on our hybrid work scenarios and business applications? There are many hypothesis but right now there are concrete steps you can take to prepare your business and career for this fundamental change to business interaction. Join Karuana Gatimu, Principle Manager of the Customer Advocacy Group for Microsoft Teams Engineering as she discusses a people first strategy for Mesh for Teams, the metaverse and your IT operations.
🙂 Karuana Gatimu

🕜 5:00 pm @ Track 1
⭐️ ENDING KEYNOTE: Collaborating in the Metaverse with Mesh for Teams
We work, play, and live in virtual communities. But, until the pandemic, we had never seen mainstream acknowledgment of the impact that mixed reality and the metaverse will have on the future of work. Seize the opportunity to envision a future with Microsoft Mesh for Teams. Learn how we are aiming to connect people together, bringing new experiences with human presence into these Immersive Teams meetings.
🙂 Pouneh Kaufman

Keynote Speakers from Microsoft

⚡️ Customer Advocacy Group, Microsoft Teams Engineering
I’m a technology professional with a passion for people, leadership and Microsoft. Currently, I work in the Microsoft Teams engineering group managing our Customer Advocacy team. I get a chance to drive quality into our product and help organizations with their digital transformation using Microsoft 365 cloud services.I’m also the producer of Coffee in the Cloud, a video series about Microsoft 365 and my team delivers, communities for Champions, ITPros and Event Producers and content for Microsoft Learn. I co-chair the Microsoft Global Community Initiative ( that globally supports community organizers. I am passionate about women in technology and am founder of the Women of Color Leadership Community and the Microsoft E+D Womens’ Board.I love to travel, cook and read science fiction which is increasingly becoming science fact. As a lifelong learner I’m constantly studying topics about the evolution of the human condition, the mind and our deeper desire for meaningful lives. Meaning for me comes from my husband and two rescue dogs, Cooper & Bandit.Reach out via LinkedIn at and follow @MSFTAdoption on Twitter

⚡️ GPM, Mixed Reality, Microsoft | Metaverse | Mesh | AltspaceVR
Pouneh is a Group Product Manager – in Mixed Reality organization. I drive the development strategy and roadmap to support large scale immersive social experiences across gaming, entertainment, and enterprise scenarios. Working with internal and external partners to develop and implement metaverse strategy. Transforming how people interact with AR/VR/MR technology, by empowering consumers, creators, developers, and enterprise to easily produce, host and monetize events. Leading a team of Product Managers while supporting Microsoft Mesh platform and AltspaceVR. Passionate about co-creating a metaverse that is inclusive, safe and amplifies the best of humanity.

Featured Speakers

⚡️ Patel Consulting, Microsoft 365 Consultant | M365UK Organiser | Microsoft MVP, MCT
Chirag is an owner & Principal Consultant at Patel Consulting, and Microsoft MVP (M365 Apps & Services) & MCT, based in UK with more than 20 years of industry experience. He is also a BCS Chartered IT Professional & Assessor, Microsoft 365 Certified Enterprise Administrator Expert and TOGAF9 Certified Architect.He works with a wide variety of clients in many sectors, designing and implementing business collaboration, data and information management solutions and services based on Microsoft Teams, SharePoint and Microsoft 365 technologies, Power Platform to create business value for both themselves and their customers, including UK Microsoft Gold Partners with deployment, upgrade and migration services delivery.Chirag is also an organiser of Microsoft 365 UK (M365UK) user group and a frequent speaker at local and international events including Teams Nation, Commsverse, Scottish Summit, M365 Virtual Marathon, Power Saturdays, SharePoint Saturdays.

⚡️ Vuzion, Partner Education Lead
Microsoft Certified Trainer Regional Lead (MCT RL), Educator (MCEd) and Office Apps and Services MVP. With over 10 years of cloud computing experience, he is currently building an education practice for Vuzion (Tier 2 UK CSP). His focus areas are Microsoft Teams, Microsoft 365 and entry level Azure. In his spare time he is very active in the Microsoft Tech Community, blogging at and has spoken at several events such as Microsoft Ignite 2019 and SharePoint Saturday 2019. As the co-creator of the European Teams User Group and TeamsFest, he is also a member of the Microsoft Association of Practicing Architects (MAPA), the British Computer Society (BCS), the Microsoft 365 Partner Council

⚡️ Leitwolf
Christian Glessner is founder and CEO of Hololux, a leading innovation agency. In an emerging digital world, Christian helps his clients to become more successful by using latest technologies like Serverless Computing, Mixed Reality and AI.His parents were entrepreneurs and he grew up between IT technology and economics. As a kid, he was deeply inspired by an amber, sparkling screen and it’s blinking and promising cursor of an AS/400 in his parent’s office. ”Ready” – The “Tabula Rasa” or in other words the chance of creating something entirely new from scratch is still driving his passion for information technologies. This year he was honored for the 9th time in a row for receiving the ’Microsoft MVP Award’, an Oscar-like accolade conferred by Microsoft.

⚡️ CEO @IOKELA, Co-founder @FactoVia, Microsoft Regional Director/Azure MVP/Certified Trainer (MCT)
Entrepreneur, Consultant, Trainer, former IT manager, with expertise in Cloud Computing, Edge Computing, IoT and Blockchain, she regularly works on innovative human-centric projects.

⚡️ Business Applications & Office Development MVP
CEO Apvee Solutions, Business Applications & Office Development MVP.

⚡️ Quality Manager at 3XM Group – Microsoft MVP AI
Ivana Tilca, currently Innovation Evangelist and Quality Manager at 3XM Group and Microsoft MVP in Artificial Intelligence, former Microsoft employee, was part of the office web apps team in Redmond, Washington and of the new technologies team at Micrósoft in Argentina and Uruguay.

⚡️ Solutions Architect
Luke Evans is a solutions architect currently working in the Modern Work Practice at Agilisys. Luke is an experienced senior technical architect with over 15 years of experience within private and public sectors. Luke has extensive experience in architecture and full end-to-end delivery of cloud digital transformation programmes.In the past 5 years, Luke has immersed himself Microsoft 365 services and the technologies that underpin and support them with a strong focus on security and identity.

⚡️ KPMG, Business Solutions Technical Achitect
Business Applications MVP – I breathe, innovate, design and develop as a way of survival. If curiosity killed the cat, I think I have no more lives left.I’ve been developing with .NET and c# many years, then I assumed a technical consultant role working with Project and SharePoint Online. During this process I have discovered the perfect world of the Power Platform and it turned into my main professional focus. I’ve worked some years in Barcelona, then moved to Munich and finally to Madrid, always following the inner need to keep exploring and spreading the #LessCodeMorePower era

⚡️ Microsoft – SR Customer Engineer MW
I’m a Microsoft SR Customer Engineer Modern Workplace and deals mainly (but not only …) with SharePoint, a product that has been with him for 10 years and has experienced the birth and growth of all the latest versions. Today, however, collaboration is not just SharePoint, but all Office 365 applications that are helping to revolutionize the way we work. Although ”writing code” is still one of its passions, today it supports customers in the migration of products on the cloud to the cloud world. In the last period I’m focusing on Power Platform and Teams. In the last years I have participated in several conferences as a speaker among which WPC Milan, PowerPlatform World Tour, SharePoint Saturday, Scottish Summit, Collabdays and European Collaboration Summit.

⚡️ Office Apps & Services MVP | Managing Consultant – Modern Workplace, CONET Solutions GmbH
Nicole Enders is a Modern Workplace and Collaboration Expert and she works at CONET Solutions GmbH as a Managing Consultant. As a MVP for Office Apps & Services she shares her knowledge at many events, on her own blog as well as in her books.As a consultant and developer, she has been dealing with the requirements for efficient collaboration in companies since more than 14 years. She is convinced of the advantages that Microsoft 365 (especially Microsoft Teams and the Power Platform) offers to improve collaboration.Together with her customers, she combines proven standard products from this product range and adapts them with the help of various development tools. This creates working environments for social intranet, modern workplace and collaboration that are individually tailored to the customer’s needs.

⚡️ Founder and owner Abalon, Office Apps and Services MVP
Patrick has 20+ years of experience as an Enterprise Solutions Architect. He has a successful track record of technical expertise for Office 365, SharePoint, SQL Server, and Oracle RDBMS. He is a former Microsoft employee in France. He now works for his own company Abalon, created in 2011. Abalon is dedicated to supporting customers on getting real business benefits with Microsoft collaborative platform.He was speaker and organizer of 100+ SharePoint and Office 365 events like SharePoint Saturdays Paris, Monaco, Dubai, Netherlands, Barcelona, Helsinki, …, European SharePoint Conference, European Collaboration Summit, MS TechDays Paris…He has spoken on the 5 continents. More details here: leads aMS Community. More details here:

⚡️ Microsoft Regional Director, MVP Office Apps and Services, Windows Insider MVP, Podcaster, Speaker
RAPHAEL KÖLLNERCompliance ManagerRaphael Koellner combining the law and the information technology in particular the cloud computing. He worked for universities, Microsoft Germany (DX) and Microsoft Partner as consultant.As CEO for KöllnService GmbH he works for huge international companies to migrate and implementate cloud solutions on a technical and a contract/law way.Since 2019 Raphael Köllner is Microsoft Regional Director. He is the community guy, MVP for Office Server & Services, Windows 10 Insider MVP, MCT, Microsoft Student Partner Evangelist and become an attorney in Europe. He is the lead of the Office 365 Usergroup Germany, the Office 365 DACH, Leader of the Office 365 conference Germany, the SharePoint Saturday Cologne and one of 30 Windows 10 Top Insiders. Moreover he is member of the TEAMS Elite Team and the organizer of the TeamsCommunityDay. In this connection he leads the biggest Windows 10 Insider Community in Germany.MVP: Regional Director:

⚡️ MVP, CTO & Technology Strategist
Richard Harbridge is the Chief Technology Officer and an owner at 2toLead. Richard works as a trusted advisor with hundreds of organizations, helping them understand their current needs, their future needs, and what actions they should take to grow and achieve their bold ambitions.Richard remains hands-on in his work and has led, architected, and implemented hundreds of business and technology solutions that have helped organizations transform both digitally and organizationally. Richard has a passion for helping organizations achieve more; whether it is helping an organization build beautiful websites to support great content and social strategy, or helping an organization leverage emerging cloud and mobile technology to service better their members or the communities that they serve.Richard is an author and an internationally recognized expert in Microsoft technology, marketing, and professional services. As a sought-after speaker, Richard has often had the opportunity to share his insights, experiences, and advice on the digital workplace, Intranets, collaboration, social networking, ROI, technology/process adoption, and Microsoft technologies at numerous industry events in around the globe. When not speaking at industry events, Richard works with Microsoft, partners, and customers as an advisor to business and technology, and serves on multiple committees, leads user groups, and is a Board Member of the Microsoft Community Leadership Board.

⚡️ Metaverse | Future Work | Microsoft Teams, Mesh and Cloud | Blogger ✍️ | Mr. Metaverse working at Sulava| Microsoft Teams is the portal to Metaverse
Principal Consultant and Microsoft MVP working on Metaverse and Future Work on Microsoft Cloud. As trusted advisor he helps organizations in future technology, collaboration, and productivity. Metaverse enables business to innovate new models and processes with the help of AI while enabling new ways how to meet, work, collaborate and share experiences together. He is guiding organizations on the road into the Metaverse. Vesa is extremely passionate about Metaverse and how it – with Microsoft Teams – enable to change how people work together now and in the future. Vesa has 25+ years of experience in IT business on various industries, domains, and roles. He is also a futurist, active speaker, blogger, evangelist, and technology community member.Community:I am an active member in the Microsoft Teams Community, speaker (Microsoft Ignite, Microsoft Build, Microsoft Business Applications Summit, Teams Nation, Microsoft 365 Virtual Marathon, CollabDays and so on ) , blogger ( ) and also event & user group co-organizer (Metaverse One, Teams Nation Community Conference & Monthly Meetups, Teams Community Finland).

⚡️ Mixed Reality & HoloLens Enthusiast & MVP | TEDx Speaker | ReDI School Ambassador | International Speaker
Zaid Zaim, is 21 years old, from Syria. he came to Germany in 2013 due to the war in his country.Today, as an Alumni of ReDI School Digital integration (NGO supporting refugees learning quality tech skills) and Microsoft MVP for Mixed Reality, Zaid brings Cultural Heritage of destroyed sites like the UNESCO city of Palmyra in Syria back to life with modern Mixed Reality technology – He leads and engage with diverse world wide Tech communities and Evangelizes for Mixed Reality and HoloLens technology.Zaid loves joining Hackathons and bring projects life, he enjoys going to meetups and connecting with others ❤ AltspaceVRHis vision is to raise historical awareness and motivation in the viewer by addressing different human senses with HoloLens and Oculus for a future reconstruction.In the last few months Zaid was able to gain an ecosystem of supporters like: Microsoft, ReDI School, Tactile Studio, Hololux and world wide volunteers are supporting me on this journey.He Works at Hololux as a Metaverse lead supporting customers and clients on their Metaverse Journey.Check out Zaid’s latest activities on his MVP Profile:

⚡️ Europe Workplace Value Realisation Offering Lead, Avanade
Zoe is the Europe Workplace Value Realisation Offering Lead and a Senior Director at Avanade, who are the leading global Microsoft Partner.In this role, Zoe is working with colleagues and clients to help them realise the value of their investments in workplace technology, with a focus on employee experience, frontline workers and workplace experience. Innovation and technology evangelism are both core to the success of this role, as well as a passion for delighting and exciting customers with the art of the possible. Additionally, she also works closely with partners like Microsoft on technology innovations, and contributes to many events across the Microsoft tech community through speaking, volunteering as part of various event teams, and more recently was a member of the organising team for Scottish Summit.Zoe brings together a customer-focused solution background with several years of technology leadership experience and over 15 years experience working with collaborative tools SharePoint and other Microsoft technologies. She is passionate about solving business problems in an innovative and exciting way, and although her primary tech focus has been SharePoint, Teams and Microsoft 365, she now has the pleasure of working across a much broader range of innovative technologies.Early in 2022, Zoe joined a group of other like-minded MVPs to form the Viva Explorers, who actively promote, evangelize and champion a modern employee / workplace experience under-pinned by tools such as Microsoft Viva.

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